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What are additional networking points (N Points)?

If you have a 4 Point Pack, 5 Point Pack or have chosen to, you may also have another data networking point somewhere else in the house. These points will be run from the chosen rooms back to the modem location and should be labelled as N1 or N-Source. To make that point active with an internet connection, you will need to get another ethernet cable and connect it from the wall plate labelled N-Source or N1 to one of the LAN ports on the back of the modem. Your modem/router will generally have 4 LAN ports. If you have more than 4 network points, you may need to invest in an ethernet switch to extend the number of network ports.

If you have multiple N Points you can follow the same direction above to plug in the remainder of the points so that you have an active internet connection throughout the house.