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Smart wiring overview

Intelligent Home offers various wiring packages to our clients, and our upgrade option is the Smart Wiring System. Smart Wiring or Structured cabling, as it's also known as is the process of running all the networking, TV, intercom and access control cabling & equipment back to a central location to allow for easy distribution.

Data cables are installed into an 8-port patch bay used in conjunction with a networking switch to distribute hardwired internet around the home for a faster and more reliable connection.

TV cables are fitted onto a splitter to distribute free-to-air signals around the home. If you have more than 4 TV Points around your home, you also find a Video Distribution unit connected to a power point for additional amplification.

All the cables run through the roof space to “Field outlets” located around the home. The field outlets can combine multiple TV and Data points onto one plate.

Every Smart Wiring system includes a 30-minute Handover session with our specialist technicians who can assist in connecting your modem, distributing hardwired internet connections through to field outlets and tuning TVs. Please contact us here or call us on 08 6363 8744 to book your appointment today!