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How do my TV Wall Provisions (conduits) work?

The blank wall plates in your audio visual area cover the entry points to conduits that are housed inside the wall. These 25mm external (23mm internal) diameter conduits will be used to conceal interconnecting cables between your TV and audio visual equipment. In order to access the conduits, the wall plates should be removed entirely or your TV installer can cut holes through the covers with a hole saw. Due to size restrictions, TV power cables with large IEC 3 pin plugs, or fixed power leads will require modification by an electrician or licensed TV installer prior to feeding them through. Some TVs are supplied with figure 8 style power cables and do not require modification.

When purchasing cables or engaging a TV installer, it is important to note the internal 21mm conduit size. Selecting HDMI cables with large head connectors in particular, causes issues on site with a less than desirable installation result. No one wants to see cables running down the wall! Thankfully, HDMI cables are available in a variety of sizes and we recommend using slim cables with a head connector no larger than 20mm in width. 

A note on cavity walls: TV Wall Provisions on cavity walls will be installed using either 25mm conduits or wall boxes with draw wires only. The installation method will be determined by the on-site installers.

If you are uncertain about what cables are suitable for your installation, or you don’t know where to start, we strongly recommend that you contact your original Intelligent Home sales consultant. They will happily advise you, supply cables over the counter or arrange your TV installation as required.