Intelligent Home Support Center

Common DSC security system faults

Time & Date Loss

Press *6 and enter your Master User Code. Use the < & > arrow keys at the top left to find Time & Date, then press *. Enter the time in 24-hour format and the date starting with Month, Day & Year.

AC Power Fail

The alarm panel is not receiving any mains power. Check the power plug has not been knocked or disconnected from the main panel and if there is power at the power point. Please call Intelligent Home if everything is as it should be.

Battery Fail

The backup battery has died or is running low and requires replacement. Please call Intelligent Home to organise a service call.

RF Jam

A problem has occurred with the RF signal coming from the keypad, and the alarm panel requires a power cycle. Please switch the power off at the main panel, open the box and unplug one leg of the battery. Wait for 10 seconds, plug the battery back in, switch the power back on and lock the panel back up.

FTC Rec 1

The alarm system has not received a signal from the App. Please log into the App, arm and disarm the alarm system.

Ethernet Trouble

The alarm system has lost internet connection. Please check that your home has a current internet signal at the modem and the cables are all plugged in properly. If the problem persists, please call Intelligent Home for a service call.