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How do I adjust the time that I have to turn my alarm on and off?

Hills Vertex Keypad

To adjust the Entry/Exit times permanently, you will need a Service Technician to attend your property. To book a technician, please click here.

In the meantime, you can extend the exit time for your alarm system by pressing the EXIT button the keypad twice when you leave.


Hills VoiceNav Keypad

1. Press MENU followed by the number 9.

2. Press the number 2 for Entry Delay OR 3 for Exit Delay.

3. Enter your Master User Code (4 digits).

4. Press 1 to select AREA 1.

5. Enter the new time for either Entry or Exit delay followed by ENTER.

6. Press MENU x3 to exit programming.


Hills TouchNav Keypad

1. Press MENU on the standby screen.

2. Press SETTINGS on the Menu

3. Press ENTRY/EXIT TIME on the Sub-Menu.

4. Adjust the Entry and Exit times as required.

5. Press the Home icon in the bottom right to exit programming.