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TV Wall Mounting Provisions: How do they work?

Intelligent Home offers TV Wall Provisions during Construction to allow for easy TV mounting without the eyesore of having cables hanging down the wall. On most occasions, there will be a 25mm electrical conduit installed next to a 25x50mm ducting. The 25mm conduit is used specifically to run the TV power cable down to a GPO around 300mm above floor level. The 25x50mm ducting is used specifically for HDMI Cables, Data, TV & USB extensions. These conduits are chased into the wall and are fitted into wall boxes. At final stage, these conduits are blanked off, ready for Handover to the client.

Once you are ready to install the TV, you can drill a 25mm hole in each one of the blank plates and push the cables down the ducting to the bottom. We usually recommend using 3 metre cables when mounting TVs to allow extra length at the bottom for plugging into your home devices.