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How do I update the time on the system?

Depending on your C-bus install there are several ways to do this. You can update the C-bus time and Date through either the Touch-screen, Wiser or an EDLT.

To update through the touch-screen navigate to the TOOLS page and then select SET TIME or SET DATE, adjust as required and use the back button to get out.

To Update on the wiser navigate to the system page on the left hand menu and select set time

To update using an EDLT, press and hold the left hand side of the bottom button and then double tap the right hand side of the top button. This should take you into the units menu. Select the first menu item SET TIME using the tick button and adjust the time as required using the +/- button increments. Once finished click the tick button to accept then use the cross button to leave the menu.

Adjusting the time and date on any of the above units will update the time and date across all c-bus units on the network.